Bible Quiz - 07

  • (a): What is the 6th commandment? (Deut)
  • (b): Where the people of Israel tempted the LORD? (Deut.)
  • (c): How long God will keep his covenant for the people those who obey his commandments? (Deut)
  • (d): Why God let us get hungry? (Deut)
  • (e): Who wrote the 10 comndmts on the stones? (Deut)
  • (f): Where Aaron was died and buried? (Deut)
  • (g): Where the Isralites have to proclaim the curse after they take possession of the land? (Deut)
  • (h): What man should not eat? (Deut)
  • (i): What was the punishment to the person who secretly entices to worship other Gods? (Deut)
  • (j): When Israelits had to bring all the tithes of all crop & store it their towns? (Deut)
  • (k): When will a Hebrew man or woman get free from the slavary? (Deut)
  • (l): At what time the people of Israel came out from Egypt? (Deut)
  • (m): If Israelits wants to appoint a king over them, whom they have to appoint? (Deut)
  • (n): Which tribe did not get inheritence with Israel? (Deut)
  • (o): How many witnesses need to convict a man accused of any crime or offense? (Deut)
  • (p): Which should not b destroyed When Israelits lay siege to a city for a long time? (Deut)
  • (q): What was the punishment to a son who is stubborn? (Deut)
  • (r): What are the animals mentioned in the 22nd Chapter? (Deut)
  • (s): Which generation born to Egiptians may enter the assembly of the LORD? (Deut)
  • (t): Which fruits they had to leave for the alien, the fatherless and the widow? (Deut)
  • (u): Who were the enemies of Israelits God asked to destroy any memory on the earth? (Deut)
  • (v): When the Israelits had to give their tithe? (Deut)
  • (w): With which stones Israelits had to build alter for the LORD? (Deut)
  • (x): How many chapters are there above 50 vrses in the book of Deut? (Deut)
  • (y): Who was the king of Heshbon? (Deut)
  • (z): What God set before us to choose? (Deut)

Bible Quiz - 7 Answers


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