Bible Quiz - 06

  • (a): If a person sins unintentionally what should he bring as a sin offering? (Num)
  • (b): How many people died by the plague besides those who died on account of Korah?(Num)
  • (c): Which fruits the Aaron's stick produced? (Num)
  • (d): To whom the Levities must give the Lord's share? (Num)
  • (e): How long a person will be unclean who touches a person's deadbody, grave, or bone? (Num)
  • (f): How long the people of Israel wept for Aaron when he was died? (Num)
  • (g): What is the book mentioned in the 21st Chapter? (Num)
  • (h): Where (the place) the Angle of the Lord stood? (Num)
  • (i): Finally to where Balak took Bilaam to curse? (Num)
  • (j): How many times Bilaam blessed the Israelites? (Num)
  • (k): What were the names of the persons whom Phinehas killed? (Num)
  • (l): Total how many male Levities above one month older were counted? (Num)
  • (m): If a person died without sons and daughters who will get the inheritance? (Num)
  • (n): How many times the word "Three Tenths" used in 28th Chapter? (Num)
  • (o): What were the days the people of Israel should gather in Holy meeting? (Num)
  • (p): What is the shortest chapter in Numbers? (Num)
  • (q): How much gold the Commanders of thousands and the Commanders of hundreds gave to Lord?(Num)
  • (r): To whom Moses gave the Gilad? (Num)
  • (s): When (date) Aaron died after Israelits came out from Egypt? (Num)
  • (t): Who was the leader from the tribe of Ephraim? (Num)
  • (u): If a person fled to the city of refuge, how long he must stay there? (Num)
  • (v): Who were the daughters of Zelophehad? (Num)
  • (w): Where the people of Israel lived for a long time? (Deut)
  • (x): Which (place) had given to the descendants of Lot as possession? (Deut)
  • (y): What was the cot (bed)size of Og king of Bashan?(Deut)
  • (z): How many refuge cities Moses set aside east of the Jordan? (Deut)

Bible Quiz - 6 Answers


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