Bible Quiz - 05

  • (a): What was the month and day mentioned in the 16th chapter? (Lev)
  • (b): How long wil b unclean if he eat anything found dead or torn by wild animals?(Lev)
  • (c): How many chapters are there in Leviticus above 50 verses? (Lev)
  • (d): How many time the word "I am the LORD" mentioned in the 19th Chapter? (Lev) BQ-5
  • (e): What was name of the other God mentioned in the 20th Chapter? (Lev)
  • (f): Who should not come near to offer food to Lord in the descendants of Aaron? (Lev)
  • (g): What age of animal was acceptable to offer to the LORD by fire? (Lev)
  • (h): When was the rest day for Israelities?(Lev)
  • (i): What was the mother name of the person who blasphemed the name of the Lord? (Lev)
  • (j): When was the Jubilee year for Israelities? (Lev)
  • (k): How many time the sentense "I am the LORD your God" is there in 26th chapter? (Lev)
  • (l): If a man wants to redeem any of his tithe, how much he has to add to the value of it? (Lev).
  • (m): Total how many people were counted from all the tribes above 20 yrs age? (Num).
  • (n): Who was the leader of the people of Asher? (Num)
  • (o): Who were responsible for the care of the sanctuary on behalf of the Israelites?(Num)
  • (p): Total how many people were counted to do work of serving & carrying the tent?(Num).
  • (q): What is the longest chapter in the book of Numbers? (Num)
  • (r): What are the offerings mentioned in the 6th Chapter? (Num)
  • (s): Who was the father of Ahira? (Num)
  • (t): What was the retirement age of Levities? (Num)
  • (u): When Israelites had to celebrate passover? (Num)
  • (v): Who was the leader of the Manasseh tribe? (Num)
  • (w): What name the people named to the place they buried those who wanted other food?(Num)
  • (x): What was the name of the desert where the people camped after they left Hazeroth?(Num)
  • (y): What was the other name of Joshua? (Num)
  • (z): How many time Israelites tested the Lord? (Num)

Bible Quiz - 5 Answers

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