Bible Quiz - 04

  • (a): How much a counted person had to give an offering to the LORD? (Exo)
  • (b): What was the punishement if a person works on Subbath day? (Exo)
  • (c): How many people died after they made calf aganist God? (Exo)
  • (d): Where the people of Israel took off their ornaments?(Exo)
  • (e): How much time Moses spent with God on Mount Sinai? (Exo)
  • (f): Who was the grandfather of Bezalel? (Exo)
  • (g): What was the wood used to frame the Holy Tent(Tabernacle)? (Exo)
  • (h): How many branches were there for Lampstand?(Exo)
  • (i): Which tribe Oholiab belongs to?(Exo)
  • (j): What was the name they wrote on the Holy Crown? (Exo)
  • (k): When the Holy Tent was set up?(Exo)
  • (l): What was the birds offer to Lord as burnt offering? (Lev)
  • (m): What should add with all grain offerings? (Lev)
  • (n): What they should not eat the Lord commanded as permanent law for generations? (Lev)
  • (o): If a leader sins unintentionally and after he realized what should he bring as offering?(Lev)
  • (p): What should a person bring instead of 2 doves or 2 pegions as sin offering?(Lev)
  • (q): How many times the word "Most Holy" used in the 6th chapter? (Lev)
  • (r): What are the animals (names) mentioned in the 7th chapter? (Lev)
  • (s): What are the numbers used in 8th chapter (Example: 3days, 4 birds)? (Lev)
  • (t): What type of offering Aaron offered for himself? (Lev)
  • (u): Who was the father of Elzaphan? (Lev)
  • (v): What are the animals that chew the cud but dont have divided hoofs?(Lev)
  • (w): What shuld a woman bring to the priest as burnt offering after her purification? (Lev.)
  • (x): How many time the word "Seven Days" used in 13th chapter? (Lev)
  • (y): What is the shortest chapter in the book of Leviticus? (Lev)
  • (z): What is the longest chapter in the book of Leviticus? (Lev)

Bible Quiz - 4 Answers

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