Bible Quiz - 03

  • (a): What was the third sign God asked Moses to show the Egiptians? (Exo)
  • (b): Why the Hebrew people scattared throughout the land of Egypt? (Exo.)
  • (c): Who were the parents of Moses? (Exo)
  • (d): How old were Moses when he spoke to Pharoah? (Exo)
  • (e): What was the 4th plague?(Exo)
  • (f): Which was the place where there was no hail the 7th plague? (Exo)
  • (g): Who hardened Pharaoh's heart? (Exo).
  • (h): What was the last plague? (Exo.)
  • (i): How long the people of Israel lived in the Egypt? (Exo)
  • (j): What was the month the people of Israel came out from Egypt?(Exo)
  • (k): Where the people of israel encamped after they departed Egypt? (Exo)
  • (l): What is the meaning of Marah?(Exo)
  • (n): What is the meaning of Meribah?(Exo)
  • (o): What is the name of Moses second son? (Exo)
  • (p): What was the desert the people of Israel came after three months?(Exo)
  • (q): What is the 8th commandment? (Exo)
  • (r): What is the punishment if a person attacks his father or mother? (Exo)
  • (s): What to do a woman who does evil magics?(Exo)
  • (t): How many times in a year all men must appear before Lord God? (Exo)
  • (u): How many days the cloud covered the Mount Sinai? (Exo)
  • (v): Where to keep the Tablets of Covenant God ordered Moses?(Exo)
  • (w): With how many curtains shall make the tabernacle? (Exo)
  • (x): Which oil the people of the Israel shall bring for the lamp? (Exo)
  • (y): What are the names of Aharon sons? (Exo)
  • (z): Where the bull shall be killed (God said to Moses)? (Exo)

Bible Quiz - 3 Answers


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