Bible Quiz - 02

  • (a): What Jacob named the place he dreamed?(Gen)
  • (b): Total how may years Jacob worked for Rachel to get marry her? (Gen.)
  • (c): How many children Jacob had?(Gen)
  • (d): Who stole Laban's household gods? (Gen)
  • (e): What Jacob named the palce where he saw God face to face? (Gen).
  • (f): How many men were with Esau when he was coming to meet Jacob? (Gen).
  • (g): Who were the Jacob sons killed every male of Shechem's people? (Gen).
  • (h): How many years Isaac lived? (Gen)
  • (i): Who was the wife of Hadad? (Gen.)
  • (j): For how much Joseph was sold by his brothers?(Gen)
  • (k): Who were the sons of Judah he got through Tamar?(Gen)
  • (l): Who bought Joseph from the Ismaelites? (Gen)
  • (m): According to the Joseph's interpretation whom the king hanged? (Gen)
  • (n): What was the name Pharaoh gave to the Joseph? (Gen)
  • (o): How many of Joseph brothers went to Egypt to buy grain? (Gen)
  • (p): Who was the younger brother of Joseph? (Gen)
  • (q): What was the thing Joseph ordered to put in the Benjamin's bag? (Gen)
  • (r): How many famine years passed when Benjamin met Joseph? (Gen)
  • (s): TOTAL how many of Jacob's family went to Egypt?(Gen)
  • (t): How long Jacob lived in Egypt? (Gen).
  • (v): Who were the sons of Joseph?(Gen)
  • (v): Where Leah was buried? (Gen)
  • (w): How long Joseph was lived? (Gen)
  • (x): Who were the hebrew midwives king asked to kill the hebrew boys?(Exodus)
  • (y): Who was the son of Moses? (Exo)
  • (z): What is God's name He said to Moses on the mountain? (Exo)

Bible Quiz - 2 Answers


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