Bible Quiz - 01

  • (a): Where (name of the place) God planted the garden? (Genesis)
  • (b): Which animal is more crafty (cleaver) than other animals the Lord made? (Genesis)
  • (c) : Who was the first born on the earth? (Genesis)
  • (d): Who was the person lived long life on the earth? (Genesis)
  • (e): What was the wood Noah used to build the ark? (Genensis)
  • (f): What was the day (date) Noah & his family entered into ark? (Genesis)
  • (g): How long Noah and his family lived in the ark? (Genesis)
  • (h): What God has set in the cloud as the sign of covenant between God nd earth? (Gen.)
  • (i): In whose days the earth was divided into countries? (Genesis)
  • (j): Where(country) the tower of Babel was built? (Genesis)
  • (k): What was the age of Abram when he left Haran?
  • (l): Why Abram and Lot were seperated? (Genesis)
  • (m): To whom Abram gave Tenth (Tithe) of every thing? (Genesis)
  • (n): How long the desendents of the Abram will live as slaves in a country as the LORD said? (Genesisi)
  • (o): What was the age of Abram when Hagar gave birth Ishmael for him? (Genesis)
  • (p): What was the age of Ishmael when he was circumcised? (Genesis)
  • (q): "Is anything too hard for the LORD ?" What is the reference?(Genesis)
  • (r): What was the town Lot fled to escape from the destraction? (Genesis)
  • (s): How much money Abimelech gave to Abram as compensation?
  • (t): Who was the army commander of Abimelech? (Genesis)
  • (u): Who was the Nahor's concubine? (Genesis)
  • (v): Where (place) Abraham's wife Sarah was buried? (Genesis)
  • (w): Who was the mother of Bethuel? (Genesis)
  • (x): Whom Abraham married after Sarah died? (Genesis)
  • (y): Who was the friend of Abimelech? (Genesis)
  • (z): Who was the brother of Ribca? (Genesis)

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